German Musical Instrument Prize for 2005

The Highest German Award for Musical Instruments in the Category Mandolin

This Prize is awarded by the Federal Ministry of Industry and Labour in recognition of outstanding products in the musical instrument field.

The winner of the plucked string instrument section, the soloist model mandolin "La Gioiosa", is a masterpiece of the firm Klaus Knorr Plucked String Instruments of Erlbach in Saxony.

The overall evaluation stated: The prize-winning mandolin is characterized by a very beautiful and evenly-balanced timbre. In addition, the sound is clear and open and enables exceptional articulation. The tonal response of the lower strings is remarkable, as is the brilliance of the upper registers. Musicians praise the consistency throughout all positions. The workmanship is very good and the instrument has a pleasing form.

The soloist model mandolin "La Gioiosa" was judged as very good in all categories.